Local eats in Aridagawa: The Japanese diet & Kenny’s life update


Akadama – a delicious restaurant inconveniently located in Shimizu, the super countryside of Aridagawa town.


The interior is beautifully decorated with a traditional and modern Japanese fusion look.


This was by far the most authentic Wakayama ramen I have tried thus far.
PS. do not ask for the “set” for the ramen at this restaurant. You pay extra money for a bowl of rice.
Definitely expected to be showered with vegetables.


Tofu option.


The next shop just 5 minutes from my house is Touge. One of the most consistently delicious (but kinda pricey) restaurants.
Unfortunately I only have pictures of the lunch menu, but I did manage to eat puffer fish here and it was AMAZING.
The expensive delicacy is used for hot pot, deep-fry, sake, as well as salad.
Chefs that prepare Fugu (puffer fish) must be licensed since its blood is poisonous so the preparation is very important.

IMAG0369Here is the Pufferfish sake. It was actually really delicious. None of the fish goes to waste, even the flippers are used for alcohol.


Anyway, here’s the tempura lunch set!


Traditional Japanese lunch sets usually come with all sorts of little bites like a mini mayo salad, veggies in steamed egg (chawamushi), and miso soup.

The pickled vegetables are usually there for those who want a little kick to the light flavoured dishes. Usually I have them with congee or anything with rice.


This store is nameless, I just randomly came here one day with my coworkers and completely forgot to get the business card.
So this is just a picture of food.
Just to give you an idea of the local restaurant food.


HEARFYY (healthy) sums it up pretty well.
You will always have a good balance of vegetables and no meat overload.


This is a lunch set from a local ramen shop in Kanaya.

Even though you are ordering something deep fried, as long as you order the set, they will always give you vegetables.

And the protein is perfectly portioned. It will ALWAYS be 4 pieces at this restaurant. I’ve ordered it too many times!


My apologies for the lack of posts for the past two weeks!! Japan has been nothing but eventful that I am too busy soaking up the culture!

I went to the Osaka area and shopped with a co-worker.

I bought a Nintendo 3DS and took the challenge to play it in Japanese. (so my progress is ridiculously slow, my main pokemon is level 20)

The one month I decided not to write down my budget…. Those two things above happens. Back to being cheap.

I got a new uniform for my Iaido martial art!!

I am taking up Chinese Calligraphy!!

The health check in Japan is amazing, I have minor scoliosis and a fat liver (need to stop being too cheap to buy vegetables).
22 years in Canada and no one could tell me these results!!

And I have a new friend :]


3 thoughts on “Local eats in Aridagawa: The Japanese diet & Kenny’s life update

    • hehehehe, sorry xD I love this place. I have been having such a great experience so far. It just keeps getting better!!! Which part of Wakayama is your mom from?

      • I always forget which part of Wakayama she’s from. I really should remember because we are always sending packages to her aunt who still lives there and I’m the one who writes the address on the box. I’ll ask her again and let you know. I’m so glad to hear that you’re having such a great time there! I wish I could’ve visited Wakayama on this last Japan trip but we ran out of time (as usual). Really wanted to see Mount Koya.

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