Being a tourist at home: Solly’s Bagelry

Solly's Bagelry

Solly’s Bagelry

So we started our brunch at Solly’s Bagelry. I actually expected the typical bakery, but it was actually a really neat cafe with scrumptious food. This place is located on Yukon St and 7th Avenue.

Brunch is served!

Brunch is served!

This was actually new to me, but I never really ate bagels so I did not know what a shmear was. It is actually a Yiddish word reffered to cheese but now is commonly used to refer to a spread of any kind. Since I am in B.C. and Canada Day approaches, I opted for the smoked salmon shmear.

a closer look at these beauties

a closer look at these beauties

On the side I had a delicious hot dog wrapped in bagel dough which was called the Hot Doggel. This hot dog is actually a work of art and tastes so juicy and fresh. Beside it was the Bagelry’s famous cinnamon bun. It is gooey chewy soft and melts in your mouth with flavor. I have never tried it with the icing, but I know they use cream cheese for it.

Solly's Bagelry on Urbanspoon

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